Will You Date After A Breakup?


It’s not easy going on dates when you’ve been through a bad breakup. What’s even harder is deciding whether you’re ready to start dating again, and when you should.

The answer to this question is going to be a little different for everyone. There are too many variables to consider. Things that could impact the amount of time required before you’re ready to bite the bullet and move on include many of the following:

Length of the previous relationship – how long did the original relationship go on before the breakup happened? Was this a brief but intense fling? Did you date for a few weeks? Months? Years? The longer you were together the more time it is likely to take to be ready to move forward much less move on.

How deep was your love?

A bit of a clich, but the intensity of emotion you had in the relationship has a huge effect in the speed of your recovery from the breakup. If you were so in love you couldn’t see sense, chances are it will take you a long time to feel ready to start dating again.

Your dating experience. Was the previous relationship your very first one? If so, chances are, it’s going to take you longer than most to get over it. On the other hand, those with more experience and have had their hearts broken more than once find it a little bit easier to move on.

The abruptness of the breakup. Did it happen out of the blue? Or were you already predicting the end of the relationship? Maybe there were signs that made you realize bit by bit that a breakup is almost a certainty. If you’ve had the luxury of, at least, preparing yourself for the breakup, then you’re more equipped to go out with other people sooner.

Kind of commitment.

What type of commitment did you share in your previous relationship? Were you two living together? Were you engaged? Was it just an summer-only type of relationship? The level of commitment you had in a relationship decides how soon you can be ready for a new one. It’ll take you longer to recover when you’re dumped by your fianc rather than when it was just a holiday romance.

As you notice, a number of things still need to be considered before you can be ready to move on. There’s no one size fits all answer. But, knowing what you know about your relationship and being honest with yourself can help you decide whether you need more time or you’re all ready for a new relationship.
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