Four Hidden Tricks To Get Girls


I think it’s not that easy to get hot girls. To obtain hot girls it seems we must have a certain charisma and an ability and skill to mesmerize the nature of women themselves. Luckily, there are some traits, that if you were to develop them… You will come much further in getting girls to be much more effortless for you.

1. Be Smart & Capable

Now, a lot of guys get this one wrong. When a girls says she likes smart guys, she doesn’t mean math ability. She doesn’t mean that you can debate for hours. What girls tend to be talking about when they say they like smart guys, is they mean “street smarts”. This means that you’re smart about life. You make smart decisions and choices in life. You “get” things in real life, not some theory.
Everyone opens their mouths and listens with intent? That kind of intelligence is super-hot to women. If you want to develop it, read up a bit on story-telling, and get some more varied life experiences. Start getting hobbies and getting interested in different stuff. The added bonus is most hobbies involve meeting girls, so that’s cool too.

2. Passion & Zeal For Life

Girls just love to be around a guy who loves life. This is a guy who’s passionate about something. Its a guy who’s found something to be happy to live for. Its a guy who makes people feel good around him. He’s a guy who can go out and just joke around and be fun about everything. He tends to have a good sense of humor.

The reason girls love a guy who can joke around, have a sense of humour, and just be a joy around is as a relief. You see, most girls tend to feel repressed and stilted around most guys. They feel like they have to “act as ladies”. So when a guy can relax them and make them laugh and have fun, they love him!

3. Sense Of Style

Women love a man who wears smartly matched clothing, willing to care for himself. The key is to not get excessive. If it seems like you pay more attention to clothes than she does, it will be a turn off. Its enough to simply look like you take care of yourself.

4. Physical Looks

This is another thing most guys tend to overdo or completely ignore. Most guys think you need to look like a bodybuilder, or else its not worth the effort. The truth is that you just need exercise. That’s it! As long as you exercise, and you’re not a complete slob, you get all the benefits of being fit!

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