Finding Love | How To Attract Women Tips


Dating is a confusing thing. Not everyone is looking for the same thing, but it is rare that this reality is recognized at the beginning of a relationship. Unfortunately the true intentions and desires of each party are usually realized once some kind of connection has been made. This connection makes the subsequent break a little more painful for at least one of the individuals involved.

Men have the unfortunate reputation of being the ones who break hearts and bounce from woman to woman, being averse to real relationships and commitment. While this might be true at times, there are plenty of women out there who have done their fair share of heart breaking and dumping.

Individuals do not walk around with signs around their necks letting the world know exactly what they are looking for, nor should they.

This ambiguity of desires however, is where a lot of relationship problems originate. A man who is looking for a serious relationship might be wary about heading out into the dating world, but being careful about where he seeks women out can definitely work in his favor, improving the chances of finding the right woman for him.

Bars and clubs are a great place to meet someone for a quick, casual relationship, but any man looking for something more should cross these off the list of places to meet potential mates. While it is not impossible to form a lasting relationship with someone met at a bar or club, the likelihood of it happening is low. The combination of loud music, alcohol, and lowered inhibitions does not typically result in a fairytale marriage. Men looking for deeper relationships should check out super markets, coffee shops, and bookstores.

Men that want a more substantive relationship should seek women out in more commonplace locations like the grocery store, a coffee shop, or bookstore. Meeting women in the daytime in a quiet, comfortable place increases the chances that a man will meet someone with similar interests and goals.

Going up to a woman in the daytime while she is out and about and striking up a casual conversation is a great way to try and jumpstart a real relationship.

Being polite and relaxed is important in order for a guy to not come off as creepy.
Opening with an observation about what she is reading, drinking, or buying is a good introduction that can flow into a full fledged conversation. Asking for someones e-mail is a less aggressive and threatening way to stay in contact with someone when first meeting them.

Allow some time to pass and get to know one another better before dropping the commitment bomb. Meeting women in the places listed above increases the chances that a man will find what he is looking for, but it is far from a guaranteed thing and only time will tell.

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