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Do you want a commitment from your man? And, do you have a plan to achieve this? Do your friends give you dating tips that never pan out? Are your running out of patience? You don’t need to worry. Even when nothing else has succeeded, there is an easy to follow five-part system that can get a commitment from your man.

You need to devote some of your attention to your own needs, especially if you have been spending all of your time concentrating on your guy. You will gain several benefits from focusing on yourself, including a new level of authority within your relationship, and also an increase in your self-reliance.

Is it right to assume that he is ready to commit just because you are? It is a well known fact that the a man will let a girl do everything for him if she is willing. Assert your new found confidence and do not take no for an answer.

Be careful, however, that you don’t improve his attitude with the methods above only to fall back into weak, over-accommodating habits as soon as you see a little improvement.

Be firm about what you want. If his behavior turns inattentive and he’s back to video games and going out with his friends all the time, make sure that you do not behave like a doormat.

There is only so much you should put up with, no matter what dating advice “experts” try to say. If you two have been together for a long time, and the relationship is stable and secure, it is time to tell him that he needs to make a decision. You may even go so far as to go stay with family or friends to get some distance while he thinks about what he wants.

These assertive, direct steps will change your man’s way that he thinks of you.

They may sound self serving, but has he not been acting that way for a long time?

A strong bond with your partner will emerge when both parties are satisfied and happy. If this advice hits home, read on to learn more. We have more information on achieving loving, happy and committed relationships.

So you possibly need to be careful…and how you may ask. Well the answer to this few questions could be addressed by the dating industry. Hey, wait, is offline dating that different. Dating Service