Get Back With Your Ex – Is It Worth The Trouble?


If you’re thinking about winning your ex back, you’ll have to consider a few questions first. Why did you break up with her to start with? If you are to blame then carefully examine your actions that caused the breakup.

Was it due to your self centeredness? Honest self reflection like this can be very difficult. Look at the things that you said and did. Were they the results of a selfish individual?

If so, then what is different now? What makes you so sure that you’re finished with being a selfish person? Is this desire to get back with your ex girlfriend the product of self centered thinking?

The first thing for you to do is to make sure that it is a mutually beneficial relationship or it has very little chance of succeeding.

If it merely fills up an emptiness in your life then it may not be the best thing for you to do.

You will suffer the painful outcome of your self centered actions. If it doesn’t benefit the two of you, it will ultimately fail.

If her selfish actions caused the breakup, then what makes you think that she will ever change? If she expresses true remorse and a desire to change her ways, then you’ve got a chance. If she has a long history of selfishness that is destructive to your relationship, then there is no point to staying together as a couple.

If you have good reason to believe that she will change for the better, then go ahead and try to get her back.

She must be more interested in something that is good for the both of you rather than focusing only on her own concerns.
In either situation, whether it was because of your selfishness or hers, you both must act in the best interests of the other person. You can not expect this relationship to go far if either of you acts selfishly. If you truly believe that you both can really focus on the relationship, then getting back with your ex is the right thing to do.

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