girl i took to homecoming not sure please help


girl i took to homecoming not sure please help

So my date i took to homecoming is really cute and i like her more than friends but i didn’t know if she did or not.We were grinding and stuff and it was super cool. and when we slow danced she pulled herself super close to me and we were always smiling and laughing. and then when i was walking her to the door she held my hand all the way and i think she wanted me to kiss her but i didn’t get that gut feeling when you should you.

She lives like an hour away but my friend told me she told him that she only liked me as a friend before.

so now i am confused can any one help me? what should i do. should i go father and see if we could work something out? plus my friend told her to not give any sings she likes me more than a friend unless she would date me. oh and i have my own car and license.

And i am 16( also i cant stop thinking about here i have never felt this way before about a girl.I have had a gf before but that was in 9th grade and i never felt such strong feelings for a girl. . like my mind is always thinking “dude do not let this girl go she is the perfect girl” but then i also am like well maybe its cause i don’t like any other girls?

oh and i can’t drive her anywhere cause my year isn’t up on my license.

but she has a license to. so like idk what should i do? oh and she liked me when we played on the same team but i didn’t like her like that because she was my team mate and it just seemed weird for me to like her that way. but now since we are not on the same team anymore, but i told her that i liked her more than friends before the dance and she said that she didn’t know how she felt about me cause we hadn’t seen each other in so long. We cant hang out a lot so is it worth it. but we both can drive.

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